Hospitality Committee

St. Peter’s Hospitality Committee was instituted in 2007 to organize social gatherings after Mass to help our parishioners grow in love and friendship with each other and Jesus Christ. Parish socials are now a regular part of parish life.  

Every Sunday after the 8:00 and 10:00 Masses during June, July and August, parishioners  gather under the trees to enjoy fun and fellowship. In September through May, socials are held once a month in the Sank Auditorium. Every parish ministry takes a turn in co-hosting a summer social and an indoor social with the result that all parishioners have become more aware of our parish ministries and many more have made new friends.
The Hospitality Committee schedules socials and host organizations, purchases supplies, and secures necessary equipment for all socials. Volunteers are needed to take on tasks such as set up, clean up, shopping for supplies, and making calls to host organizations and contributors. 
Contact: Marian Jenkins, 301-645-5084,