Justice and Advocacy Committee

In 2008, at the request of the Archdiocese, volunteers from Charles County Catholic churches came together to form the Charles County Justice and Advocacy Council (CCJAC).

Our mission is to be a voice at the local level for the less fortunate among us, who often do not have the means to speak for themselves. In today’s economy, it is critical that the plight of the working poor, the homeless and the vulnerable is not ignored. Our council is small and we need your help.

This committee advises parishioners about activities of the Archdiocesan Legislative Network and the Maryland Catholic Conference, two organizations that represent Catholics throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia on social justice issues.  It also represents St. Peter’s on the Charles County Justice and Advocacy Council.

Through these organizations, local churches learn about legislation on issues that, as Catholics, we have a faith-centered point of view. Some issues are assisted suicide, abortion, the death penalty, welfare reform, housing and pornography.

Members of St. Peter’s Justice and Advocacy Committee participate in Lobby Night in Annapolis, when Maryland Catholics speak directly to our state senators and delegates.   Concerned Catholics who want to become advocates for the disadvantaged or simply want to learn more about Catholic social justice issues are welcome.
Contact:  Damien Wanner – 301-645-8405, damienwanner@aol.com or  Sandy McGraw – 301-645-2973, sandymcgraw@comcast.net 

Affordable Housing in Charles County:  Making It Happen Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations from the January 31, 2011, Housing Summit hosted by the
Charles County Justice and Advocacy Council

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