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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Lay persons who assist a celebrant (the ordinary minister) in distributing Holy Communion are known as extraordinary ministers. At St. Peter’s about 62 lay people participate in the sacred ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMoHC). Those who participate regard it as a privilege, a commitment to serve the parish, and an opportunity to grow spiritually.
Between four and ten EMoHCs are needed to serve at Mass, depending on whether both the Body and Blood or only the Body of Christ is offered. EMoHCs are usually scheduled for the Mass of their preference and typically serve at least two times a month. Some EMoHCs may also be called to serve members of our parish community who are unable to attend Mass due to sickness and physical hardships.
Volunteers for this ministry must be practicing Catholics and be approved by the pastor. New volunteers must attend a one-day workshop on spiritual and theological topics conducted by the Archdiocese and a practice session at St. Peter’s Church. Contact Deacon Robert Martin, 301-843-1568 or rmartin34@comcast.net.