Father Martin Society

FrMartinSeminary Professor – Rodez, France; Montreal;
and Baltimore (1869-1885)
Chaplain – St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore (1885-1894)
Pastor – St. Peter’s Church, Waldorf, Maryland

“. . . the work I have to do will take time, and, above all,
will need Heavenly light.”
Father Narcisse Martin, December 9, 1897   
Father Narcisse Martin’s gift of selfless service has left all who heard about him wanting to know more and to better understand his relevance to the lives of those he served as well as to Catholics today.
To further his legacy and continue his work, the Father Martin Society was established in 2009.    Read about Father Martin,  the Father Martin  Society, and St. Peter’s Parish at the links below.
  The Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist
By Rev. Narcisse Martin, S.S.
            In this treatise published in Latin in 1882, Fr. Martin summarizes and adds commentary on the section of St. Thomas’ Summa Theologica that deals with the nature of the Eucharist (ST III Qq. 73-82).   Presumed lost, the only known copy was recently discovered by researchers from St. Peter’s Church in the Sulpician archives in Baltimore.   
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