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Easter 2017

Flowers to decorate the altar and church for Easter have been donated by St. Peter’s parishioners in memory or honor of their loved ones:

Henry and Glenn Gibson                 Henry Faunce           Toni Andolfatto                               Doris Hubbel

Bernard and Mildred Spalding     Russell, Tuniman and                 Louise Finn                                              Mary Hayes

Eddie and Bernard Spalding, Jr.                  Connelly families        Tom Brooks                                     Juanita Gass

Henry and Doris Gibson                          Norma Harris                   Bob and Thelma Botler                    Eddie Wood

James, Charles and BeBe Gibson     Anita Greenwell               Dee’s mother – Mae                         Gladys Wood

Rosemary Stoutenburger                   Carl Thompson               Leonardtown family and friends       Mary Lou and Jimmy Rae

Spalding, Abell, Gibson and             Lettie M. Dent                 Margaret Brent Alumni friends         Doris Hubbell

Cusic families                                 Matilda Frere                   Blanche and Martha Garner              Ralph and Dorothy Davis

Vivian, Joe and Joe Moran, Jr.           Frank Hayden                   Raymond, Catherine and Theresa Raley