For the past several months, St. Peter’s Parish has been working to begin a new ministry called LANDINGS, a program for inactive Catholics wanting to explore a more active return to their Catholic faith.  The training for the Parish LANDINGS Team will be one evening in mid-March and the Staff is enthused and looking forward to the start of the program.  During the eight week series of the LANDINGS gathering, there will be compassionate listening, praying together, sharing their faith journeys, and discussing their Catholic beliefs, all guided by the Holy Spirit. A new eight-week LANDINGS series will begin after Easter.  There are inactive Catholics out there in our St. Peter’s Catholic community who are wanting to come back to active participation in the Parish.  They are just waiting to be invited.  Maybe you know someone who “used to be Catholic” or who attends Mass only occasionally.  God just asks us to invite them; the Holy Spirit will do the rest!  What greater act of love this year than to reactivate your own faith, or invite someone back home to the Church through LANDINGS?  The full participation of every Catholic is a precious gift to our faith community.  There is no pressure, just an invitation to explore the possibilities.

To find out more about LANDINGS, either for someone looking to come home or for yourself or to join the Team, please call Suzanne Carr at 301-645-5203.