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Mass Intentions – Week of February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26, Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

4:00 p.m. Vigil                     Della and Lloyd Janssen

8:00 a.m.                             Vincenzo Constanzo

10:00 a.m.                            Parishioners of St. Peter’s

12:00 noon                            Ogbe-Davies family

1:30 p.m.                             Intentions of the Celebrant

6:00 p.m.                             Sharon L. (Kent) Dauer


Monday, February 27    

8:00 a.m.                                Lloyd Janssen


Tuesday, February 28

8:00 a.m.                               Virgil Ball


Wednesday, March 1, Ash Wednesday

8:00 a.m.                              Joshua Bembo

9:00 a.m.                             -School Mass-

7:00 p.m.                              George Estevez

8:15 p.m.                              Intentions of the Celebrant (Spanish)

Thursday, March 2

8:00 a.m.                              Ernest and Ann Middleton

Friday, March 3, Saint Katharine Drexel

8:00 a.m.                              Christine M. McClellen


Saturday, March 4, Saint Casimir

8:00 a.m.                              Leo and Jeanne Gowen

4:00 p.m. Vigil                        Deceased members of the Hawkins,

Chapman and Brooks families Sunday, March 5, First Sunday of Lent
George Estevez

10:00 a.m.                             Parishioners of St. Peter’s

12:00 noon                              Virgil Ball

1:30 p.m.                     Intentions of the Celebrant

6:00 p.m.                          Ogbe-Davies family


The sanctuary light will burn this week in loving memory of Virgil Ball.