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Prayer Requests – Week of July 30, 2017

If someone you know is seriously ill and asks to be included in the prayers for the sick, please call the parish office. Names will remain on the prayer list for four weeks. At that time if you wish to have the name put back on the prayer list, please call the parish office.

Please pray for God’s grace for those who are ill:
John David Yamnicky, Doris Ann Bradburn, Belinda Windsor, Mary Beard, G. Oliver, Loula Phoebus, Michele Mitchell, Joan Schrock, Jeff Radtke, Al Dintino, Johnny Norman, Carmen Quinones, Mustafa Naeem, Patricia Rosetta, Patricia Gray, Mercedes Vaira, Bob Jupiter, Tim Beard, Linda Simpson Welch, Stacie Middleton Tillman, Bernard Manderville, Scott Williams, Russell Peruso, Joanne Shuba, Rose Daskievige, Ken Kan, Daniel Pickle, David Vaira, Curtis Boswell, Ed O’Brien, Michael Strutt, Yvonne Karotko, Michael Boswell, Warren Hagens, Bruce Peters, Anna Branan, Julianne Brandenberg, Richard Davis, Elaine Peed, Ann Vetkoskey, Nicholas Shutters, Mary Faunce, John Kopec, Kelly Schwartz, Ann Gillespie.

Please also pray for:

● SSgt Nathan Waller, Air Force, deployed to the Middle East
● an increase in vocations, especially in our parish
● our parish priests

The Lord’s House
Our parish church is a place of prayer where Jesus lives in the Blessed Sacrament. Please keep a reverent and respectful silence before, during and after Mass. Please be respectful of the Lord and those speaking with Him in prayer. Please also arrive on time for Mass so that all the graces of the Holy Sacrifice will be yours