Mission Statement

Saint Peter’s Church is a Catholic community devoted to deep and abiding friendship with Jesus Christ.  We strive to build upon the legacy of faith entrusted to us by the Catholic pioneers who courageously established Saint Peter’s – an ethnically and economically diverse community unified through the power of the Holy Spirit in the truth and love of Jesus Christ.  Mindful of this legacy as well as our need for ongoing conversion amidst new challenges, today, in our fourth century, we seek friendship with Jesus through our commitments to:
  • Understand and proclaim His saving truth revealed in the Bible in union with the official teaching authority of the Catholic Church.
  • Worship joyfully His living presence in the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
  • Recognize His face in those we are privileged to serve and protect, particularly the poor and vulnerable.
  • Welcome Him in each other through our fellowship and unity amidst the rich diversity of our parish community.
  • Encounter Him and the beauty of His creation by preserving our parish as a peaceful and prayerful sanctuary.
  • Hear His personal call to holiness and help families embrace it in all vocations, especially to priesthood or consecrated life.
  • Imitate His generous self-giving as a way of life that expresses our gratitude to Him and our love for God and neighbor.