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We Are St. Peter’s PROUD

stpetersschoolIt has been a wonderful school year and as it winds down we can take some time to reflect on our 8th graders as they prepare to graduate in less than a month.

Most of our 8th grade students began attending school at St. Peter’s in Kindergarten. They arrived with their uniforms sharply pressed ready to go in 2007. That seems like a long time ago and it really is. They have done a lot of growing since that time.

Today, compared to those many years long ago, it is hard to believe that today’s 8th graders are those little kindergartners. Our 8th graders are not only bigger in body but in mind and spirit as well. They have made their sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation, they have learned to play various instruments, they have led their fellow students in song at Mass and served reverently on the altar. Our 8th graders have Marched for Life, reported the morning news throughout the school, competed in various athletic events, taken lots of math and reading tests all the while trying to determine where they were going to high school.

Once their 8th grade year started these students began to apply to the high schools that they wanted to go to. Bishop McNamara, Ryken, Gonzaga and Elizabeth Seton are among the private schools our students will be attending.

Many of our students have received scholarships in the areas of academic excellence, fine arts and more. For instance, McNamara awarded two of our 8th graders scholarships totaling $20,000 altogether. North Point High School, a school with a rigorous admissions program, is where many of our rising freshmen will also attend. They will be studying in programs such as culinary arts, graphic communications, biotech, and criminal justice. Oxon Hill Science and Technology will be the high school for two of our 8th graders and Thomas Stone High School, Westlake High School and St. Charles High School are also represented as schools that our 8th graders will attend.

We are proud of their hard work and efforts that have helped them get accepted into competitive programs at these schools. And we know that they will do well.

Surely, our teachers who have worked so hard to prepare these students for graduation day on June 8th can take pride in knowing that they have each helped them along this journey towards high school.

Most importantly and above the scholarships, prestigious high schools and great academic programs, we are happiest that we have helped to lead our students to a closer relationship with Christ, their forever teacher.

Tina Wagner, Vice Principal